1. In the product structure, breaking the traditional European-style product lines of the installation structure, the introduction of wood, ABS and other relative furniture industry more cross-border materials, the design of the line between the components snap-in mosaic connection structure, greatly It improves the installation efficiency of European product lines and avoids splicing of 45 ° chamfering lines without using glue and screws.
2. In product design, modular thinking, to build a whole home system:
The following tipping module, retractable desk module, cork retaining wall module, blackboard retaining wall module, countertop retaining wall module, seat cabinet module, wardrobe module, bookcase module, floating window cabinet module and so on, according to Space division of functions, any combination of different modules with, to build any system to meet the needs of any customer. Such as customer demand for study: 1. The male and female masters can work in the study at the same time, study; 2 study sometimes as a bedroom to provide guests a short period of time and so on. The above scenario, module addition formula can be used to meet this need.

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