I always feel how grateful to live a life wrapped in warmth.
Organic warmth and sophisticated beauty can touch deep in heart. I endeavor to create furniture that enrich user’s life and mind.
JABARA Sideboard uses traditional sliding doors called “Jabarado”. Its minimal and timeless form makes you feel nostalgia. Ultimate beauty enhances the presence of furniture.
It is made of fine round-shaped sticks. Those sticks create irregular surface, showing fabulous combination of light and shadow and deep expression.
The unique appearance resembles sliding reeds doors you see in a summer house in Kyoto or bamboo forest in Sagano. It demonstrates typical Japanese beauty with continuous straight lines. Its dignified look brings moderate tension and peace.
Door’s weight and the rubbing sound of timber are graceful. Opening the door can be troublesome in daily life but this door makes the move pleasurable.
Drawers are covered with thick leather tanned by plant, boosting the entire product quality.
JABARA Sideboard is finished with carefully hand processed natural materials. I hope it will enrich your modern life and mind as well as stop recent tendency to emphasize only productivity.

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