The Varde ovne Uniq stove is an example of the user-centred design of Varde ovne, where both the aesthetic and functional qualities of the Uniq stove are researched and implemented through industrial design and product development.
The overall appearance exudes classic, timeless design. At the same time cast-iron are implemented into the front door, top plate as well as the inside grate. This ensures a high level of functionality, that can generate a large amount of heat, while maintaining a slender profile.
The interaction with the Uniq wood burning stove are made simple and intuitive, by designing a single interaction point, for controlling the air-intake. The intuitive interaction seeks to enable the end-users to use the stove in an optimal way. This is enabled thanks to a basic construction of the fire chamber, that allows a single air-intake.

The design if the Uniq has a strong focus on presenting the cast-iron quality of the stove, therefore the top plate is curved outwards, ensuring that the lighting in the room are caught by the surface and reflected so the end user has a positive product experience.

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