Pangolin, a wood-burning heating stove, is the first metal and ceramic heating stove manufactured by TMF. This steel stove is coated with natural terracotta ceramic tiles.
Terracotta, or backed clay, is a reliable and very durable material used for decoration. The main advantage of terracotta tiles is a soft heat emission during the stove operation. The stove neither radiates hot rays nor provides a strong emission, but rather ensures a mild and uniform heating like a brick stove. Thanks to its metal case covered by terracotta tiles, the stove cools down more slowly. Ceramics accumulates heat perfectly, just like a blanket, and gradually transfers the heat into environment.
The terracotta tiles also have a decorative function.
The terracotta tiles covering the new stove have a nice shape, size, and a pleasant colour of pangolin’s scales. Scales are one of the mIt is an ancient exotic animal, which looks like a huge living fir cone. It has inspired us to create tiles for the metal and ceramic stoves we named after it. We combined the most ancient artificial material with this wonder of nature to create pangolin’s scales from terracotta and to cover our metal stove with the scales

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