What was the initial idea behind the chair’s design?
Erik Couzy says his motivation was to … “create a beautiful, unique bar stool which stand on two legs…

What makes this product unique?
Erik couzy says the bar stool has several unique aesthetic attributes which set it apart: The bar stool unique legs are made from metal, and the seat from colorful PU. Which can produce in every color.
The unique styling and design of the V-star stool immediately attracts the eye. It is very modern and yet deceptively simple; futuristic yet timeless. This bar stool will be the star of the area where it is placed in…

Does the product have any “secret ingredients” that make it stand out?
“Absolutely,”says Erik Couzy. “People are amazed that this stylish chair can stand on two legs, and even support a heavy person.” And by sitting on the V-star it will rock a little bit, which gives it a pleasant feeling.

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