Hosting a get-together for friends and family is good fun and often these events occur spontaneously. This is when fast and effortless action is needed in order to create a setting, where everybody can comfortably sit around the same table or within the same space. Boxix is designed to enable the smooth interaction, allowing the guests and the hosts to concentrate on each other without an unnecessary hassle.

Boxix is a unique innovation, which consists of a set of six stools that are identical in height and design. When attached to each other, the cube-shaped entity gives a strong, sleek impact and also serves as an individual seat or a side table to compliment the interior decoration. This also solves the age-old problem of storing the extra chairs: with Boxix, there is no need to move or hide the additional furniture since the stools will be ready at hand when needed. Boxix is made from local Finnish wood, which gives the product the timeless feeling and celebrates the precious nordic nature, traditional craftsmanship and high technology woodworking.

Designed by Minna-Maria Salonen, Heikki Konu, Sami Markkula and Erik Lindahl

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