AMBISUITES – The smart hotel bed
The app is used to preconfigure the light and sound ambience as well as the hardware setting for the Ambisuites bed based on the guest’s preferences so that on entering the room the guest is welcomed by a personal, cosy atmosphere.
The bed: High-end features offer outstanding comfort. Mattress hardness, the slatted frame, integrated heating at the foot end, as well as the light and sound ambience can all be individually preconfigured using the app. An extendible 46-inch, high-resolution flatscreen TV integrated into the end of the bed provides ample entertainment while a high-end sound system ensures excellent sound quality.
The app: Allows hotel guests to control all the bed functions with their own mobile devices. The app also offers convenient access to all of their favourite media. Personal playlists, favourite films, series and music can all be played using the high-end entertainment media integrated into the bed.
The app also acts as a personalised travel portal, providing AMBISUITES hotel search, reservations and internal hotel offers as well as information about the hotel.

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