Dare a good morrow. WIRO’s annual „Wohnfühlbericht“ report embodies the real estate company’s value – to start every day with the goal of creating a better tomorrow. This mindset is cultivated in every detail, from the printed breakfast rolls bag wrapping the newspaper report, to the inspiring typographic claims and coffee illustration embellishments and the stylized embossing of the financial report.  

WIRO’s dare is proclaimed on the front of the breakfast rolls bag as well as the cover of the newspaper report. Hand-lettered statements and illustrations flowing from coffee spills support and inspire the vision, while unique graphics, flowing text and typographic details further engage WIRO’s stakeholders. Every detail from material choice to the zig-zag borders make the experience tangible. The breakfast bag inspired financial report adds class to the package with a tastefully embossed title and rich coffee colored binding and bookmark. An individualized one-way coffee pack supplements the experience with a fresh brew to sip on while reading.

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