Gifting is one of the ways humans are able to show love, gratitude or appreciation for one another. In Chinese, The word gifting pronounced “Feng li” which sounds very similar to pineapple. For this reason, we have made use of the homophone between these two words as the base of our product design.
In Taiwan, after being harvested, pineapples are stored in hexagonal shaped barrels that are weaved from bamboo. As an extension from the weaved barrel idea, we also applied this traditional weaving method to create a pineapple shaped basket for the outer packaging.
The purposes of this packaging is very beneficial. Firstly, it reduces packaging waste for this fast consumption food. Secondly, the message it’s sending is quite meaningful because through the weaving of the package, we are able to see the inner product; which is implying that there’s nothing to hide. Just like the quality of our product inside is natural and fresh as you see it.
All in all, this product serves not only as a gift, but also represents our emotions.

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