The integrated overall report of the housing association corporation Berlin-Mitte (WBM) consists of three parts: the annual report, the financial statement and the sustainability declaration. Based on this, the motto of the publication was chosen as a triad: NEW WAYS | NEW CONCEPTS | NEW PERSPECTIVES. This guiding principle shapes the conception and design. This is shown by three characteristics:
1. The BALL is a fundamental element that already appears in the title in an embossed form. The ball stands for motion – a counter-pole to the property – and symbolizes the willingness to change of the WMB.

2. As changes can only be achieved within a team, the company incorporates stakeholders into the discussion policy. In the report, they pass the balls to each other and introduce the chapters. Their PORTRAITS are BLACK AND WHITE, which has a graphic, artistic effect and increases the degree of abstraction of the motif. Thus, the persons shown stand in contrast to their HANDWRITTEN NOTES, which gives the double page a personal, emotional note.

3. A similar area of tension is shown by the balance sheets: where LARGE NUMBERS form a well-intentioned contrast to fine, small ILLUSTRATI

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