The Shanghai Zoo is China’s most prestigious zoo, raising more than 400 kinds of animals. However, the zoo’s visual identification system has not been fully established; The zoo’s visual image does not match with the modernity of Shanghai or the impact of the Shanghai Zoo in the industry. Therefore, it is imminent reestablish the zoo’s visual image.
Shanghai Zoo is one of most popular tourist attractions in Shanghai. The zoo has a wide range of green area and a variety of animals. The design of the logo combines the image of a magnolia and an elephant, representing Shanghai and the Shanghai Zoo respectively, to showcase the uniqueness and regionality of the Shanghai Zoo.
The design and color of this logo are strictly in accordance with the visual norms and are responses to the demand of the zoo managers and visitors.
The key component of a zoo is the animals, making the zoo unique from any other public places, therefore the animal elements should form a complete visual system. Combining the characteristics of Chinese painting, the logo uses „stroke“ expression of to represent the animal features, making the visual characteristics of the Shanghai Zoo is culturally unique a

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