Yuanmingyuan, the imperial residence and garden in the Qing dynasty, was heartbreakingly destructed and reduced to ruins by warfare in 1860. Recent repatriation of the looted 12 Chinese Zodiac Statues has garnered international attention with five still missing.
Using the architect’s original paintings as reference, our graphic designer drew the landscape and buildings by hand, then turned them into 3D models using computer graphics software, lastly the 3D models were virtually realized with VR design and engineering. The creation process took a team of six three months.
Our project is an immersive virtual reality interactive experience. Through VR headsets, players not only explore the magnificent imperial garden, but restore China’s first fountain by returning all 12 Zodiac Statues back on it, using handheld sensors. This project is the love child of oriental art and architecture versus modern VR engineering and technology.
The first historical site made virtual and interactive in the world, this project is essentially a time machine, breathing new life into lost history; it is a field trip that merges all of these themes: art, architecture, design, history and technology.

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