„Is there something that makes a Viebrock-House immediately recognizable without using the classic, formal instruments of a corporate design“, was the question the entreproneur Andreas Viebrock put to Peter Maeschig the CEO of the Düsseldorf located Design agency Design for Business. It was a search for a lasting recognition of a Viebrock-House in the sea of the solid, system and ready houses. The dream of the company owner was to make each of the very individual Viebrock-Houses identifiable from the outside without the company logo affecting the individuality of the house owner. Peter Maeschig and his design team took it as a fascinating corporate design challenge, one which was unusual in this area of communication. They used the process which is intuitively common for traditional designers, known as „design thinking“. The solution was a „cornerstone“, a traditional stabilizing element with an individual iconography made of noble metal and equipped with the unique coordinates of the house owners. Under the motto „Start your own tradition“ up to 95% of the new house owners wished an insignia on their new home in the form of an individual „cornerstone“.

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