Yue Me set-top box, one of the new products of smart home, contains three core functions: intelligent gateway, smart set-top box and smart Internet TV. This box is connected via optical broadband, and offering a comprehensive home informatization solution for users. Moreover, in order to meet different customers’ requirement, we designed two remote controls, one is voice remote control, and the other is full keyboard remote control. During the design research, we found that users normally don’t shut down the box in purpose. Therefore, in order to decrease the power consumption, Yue Me set-top box was designed as automatically switch to standby state when it was not performing tasks for long time. In the process of CMF, the intelligent set-top box uses the contrast of smooth and matt surface, and also with rubber paint to increase the touch feelings, in order to give the user the best experience. Yue Me set-top box was launched to the Chinese market since 2015. This design completely combined a neat appearance and creative high performance of electronic technology, bringing an amazing product for electronic fanciers.

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