YIBAN FAN-BOX is a smart WiFi episodes box for chasing TV show episode. It integrated WiFi & storage function ,you can searche resources and conduct intelligent storage through cellphone APP; achieves full network video online play, or cache video into the devices. So that the users can watch videos at any time with or without network. Besides we can subscribe a TV show or movie in networking through this equipment and store TV shows or movie in the box. Then when you connect cellphone with it, you’ll able to watch videos stored in the box in supporting APP on metro, bus, the way to work or during traveling. It makes the journey of chasing episodes become a experience of enjoying a comfortable lifestyle. Meanwhile, it’s also a mobile power supply with a battery cell of 8000mAh embedded inside, which can quickly charge the cell phone when it’s out of power. With it, you will never worry about the shortage of video resources, power or network flow when using cellphone to chase episode. This episode box is small and portable. The application of metal profile not only brings the whole product a sense of high quality, but also is conducive to heat dissipation of product. The best appe

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