The whole appearance is simple and light, 7.9mm ultra-thin framele and no screw design leading product design fashion;
The “tie” element who aggregated operation and remote control unit throughout the appearance of the product adds elegance to the brand, and the soft breathing light adds exquisite details;
The smart „swallowtail“ modeling base explained the „metal flow“ and „floating film“ design concept.
Delicate metal wire drawing effect and the new anodizing process named „glorious gold“create a low-key gorgeous.
The hidden design of the screen brings great extension to the view. Integrate sound into TV Design, and the new design of bass unit brings excellent sound effect, just like in the cinema. Not only enhances the overall power, but also strengthens the bass passive diaphragm unit. And all of these make sound balanced, hierarchical and more magnificent. The individually customized sound unit uses a fine polished CD pattern, which embodies the meticulous design.Perfect match sound effect.

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