SK 9500 is a Super UHD TV that makes the viewer feel the essence of a screen and offers the highest screen quality. Without any other elements than the screen, the essence of TV, this minimal design melts into any space elegantly. Bezeless 4-sided cinema screen gets the user more immersed into it when turned on, and when it is off, harmonizes with the space around. The metal frame is finished with a delicate two tone aluminum, and the black color in front maximizes immersion in watching. When seen from the side, an elegant slimness can be felt. Also, the rear side of the set has a uni-body form, which is a neat design made of a single side, harmonizing with elegant and geometrical shapes of a stand and showing a beautiful silhouette from every angle. The slim and light aluminum stand design gives the viewer an aesthetic satisfaction felt from the entire TV. No matter where the product is placed, it will give a value of premium TV suitable for the minimalistic trend. In addition, the cable management cover on the stand was designed taking into consideration the usability of the product.

Born in the philosophy of “SERENITY“ design, SK9500 melts into your life space comfo

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