This OLED TV has an image of one sheet of glass standing alone in a space.
Glass in itself is meaningful as a design and a structure, and it completes a futuristic beauty.
The screen with a thickness of 3mm attached to one sheet of glass looks as if it is floating in the air, presenting a sensuous image. With this feature, the viewer can be more immersed in watching when the screen is on, and when it is off, it naturally harmonizes with the space around. Also, the high-quality sound Front Firing Slim Speaker (60W) faces the front but does not interfere with the eyesight, enhancing both the functionality of the product and its aesthetic completeness. OLED E8 focuses on the ’screen‘ and ’sound‘ which are the foundational elements of a TV, but also makes the space more valuable and luxurious by perfectly blending with the surrounding.

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