Edge S8000
1. Bezeless, all screen design ( vision without edge,immersed in them )
2. Unibody design,gapless ,all in one,precise workmanship ( 1:diamond cut craft 2:metal drawing craft 3, double color oxidation craft )
3. Screwless ( whole TV designed without screws .simple but outstanding )
4. Super slim design ( slim frame only 6.4mm ),final thin in the world of TV
5. Clean back desing (stainless steel hair-line finish, bohemia water ripple bottom side )
6. Harman Kardon audio system ( sound effect:powerful bass\mellow midrange \ clear treble definitional soundstage rich comfortable )
7. Concise but no simple (three-less design with clean back. leading of TV industry
8. Excellent designs of TV, art single stand design.

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