In recent years we have seen tablets size increase and the emergence of a new product category, the all-in-one PC, which has also been growing in size, reaching the 32”. The problem with all-in-one PCs is that current battery and components technology is still too large and heavy for this product to be easy to use.

The CHiQ Play Table is a combination of a TV and a large tablet. The design solution was to integrate a 32” touchscreen to a coffee table with an articulated arm in a way that the screen could be used horizontally fully integrated with the table, at the push of a button it tilts to 30° (a comfortable angle for reading and interacting), and then it can be further tilted up to 72° (an appropriate angle to watch movies sitting on a sofa).

This solution allows to move all components to the legs of the table, leaving for the moving part only a thin screen. At the same time, sound quality does not need to be compromised, as large speakers are placed inside the two front legs.

This space saving solution is specifically targeted to small, single person households. This user does not typically buy a large size TV, and in many cases watches movies or TV on a laptop or a tablet.

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