Borderless TV is a futuristic high end television that will be described as a pioneer of our recent era due to the reformist production technology. In this design borderless outer line is a differentiated figure among near future tvs. With Borderless TV design, our main aim is to highlight the affordability of prestigous consumer electronic products and create an environment to democratic design.While designing this product, our inspiration was to cheapen the existing premium segment tvs keeping the same rich look. The design is using eled cell technology and is assembled with a special technique. In standart tv design, cell is located between front part and back part. However, in this design, since our aim is to get borderless effect, cell is just sticked on the frame holder. Slimmest part of the panel has 5,9mm depth. And outer fame is 2mm width. The frame is made from glass fiber plastic and the back part is made from aluminum sheet metal. It has also second back cabinet covering the chasis & power card area. The second back cabinet is half cover and made from plastic. Since the cabinet is in premium segment, the stand design is featured and made from metal.

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