Product Introduction:
The creation is working with Translate APP, using once inserts to phone’s socket. It has two types of MIC, one is Cardioid for other side, one is Hypercardioid for self. To avoid recording the noise for the accurate translation. When using it in oversea to ask help with foreigners, can keep a distance to avoid conflict of local culture.

Appearance Concept:
Radar-shaped design delivers the sign that the user needs language translation help.

Mechanical Design:
Eleven hooks ease the conjunction of product parts in a simple way and avoid surface painting and glue to meet the requirement of environment protection.

If saying the appearance of product is strange, we thought that is completely acceptable due to the following.

Product design concept:
To attract attention, this product is designed a bright color, with the radar shape it is saying which can receive voice reception,

Product practical application:
When you would like to ask the ways with stranger in foreign countries, who can realize immediately that you need helping as they see the radar shape and hear the translator voice.

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