The music is everywhere.
The S1 is simple in shape and small in size. The ingenious design is a new and convenient way to wear a speaker. With a specially designed wristband and foot frame, it can be placed on the table, worn on the wrist, attached to a bicycle, or hung on a bag. This provides users with music to keep them company, outdoors and indoors.
The S1 resembles minimalist home styling and presents a brand-new style of speaker. The overall design is mellow and full, and the layered visual design and the classic materials manifest quality and texture.
The wave-shaped wristband is designed to fit the arm more tightly when fixed reliably. In play mode, the undulating wave shape can also eliminate any discomfort caused by the vibration of the speaker box.
The design of the aluminum alloy foot frame wrapped with rubber makes a smaller area of contact and reduces vibration noise. The well-designed circuit scheme and sound cavity structure with high fidelity speakers create an incredible sound experience so that the small boy has a good voice.
Move, move with the sound.
Still, be still with the music.

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