YUAN BOX is a user-friendly OTT 4K box with a smoothly rounded design, its white color body comforts to the future of interior design. Yuan BOX comes with the PPOS, an operation system developed by PPTV based on Android 4.4. PPOS applies with the pioneering “Crossing interaction” interface. As a new generation of OTT operation system, it focuses on user experience and makes any operation more simple and efficient.
“Yuan” not only is the name of this box but also represents the design concept for itself. Yuan in Chinese has multiple meanings: Kama, Newborn, Reunion, Origin and Source. It stands for the design concept: Internet connects people in more ways; a newborn pattern of live and entertainment; Family reunion; the origin of happy life and the source of family amusement.
Yuan Box consists of two parts: the upper part is its host; and its button part is a hollow container which works as a sustaining frame and cable storage. When at its working mode, its cable only exposed via a semicircular gap within its button part. This design hide the cable within the box and perfectly keeps the box in its sphere shape.

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