PAX Era is the first high quality, temperature-controlled portable oil vaporizer from PAX Labs, Inc. A radical new approach to experiencing concentrates, the device has a smart design, technological advancements & seamless use.
The device features a no-button interface for instant response. Heat control technology enables variable temperature settings to deliver the purest flavor profiles. PAX Era is compatible only with PAX SimpleClick™ interchangeable extract pods, sold separately & built from food grade polycarbonate.
PAX Era is also Bluetooth® enabled, allowing consumers to connect to the new PAX Vapor app. Through the app, users can customize flavor & vapor volume by setting precise temperatures, down to a single degree. Consumers can also customize LED color themes, access interactive games & lock their device. The PAX Vapor app provides over-the-air firmware updates to make Era smarter over time.
Finally, PAX Era was engineered to last, with a compact form factor & anodized aluminum shell that makes it lightweight, portable & discreet. The device’s battery, which plugs into a micro-USB port, charges in forty five minutes & the device comes with a 1-Year limited warranty.

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