PAX 3 is a dual-use vaporizer for dry herb & extract providing industry-leading heat technology, extended battery & a powerful oven.
Designed to give users choice, PAX 3 has 3 ovens: full-size, half-pack & a custom-developed concentrate option. A 3500mAh battery heats the device in 22 seconds to deliver strong, pure vapor. Users get 8–10 sessions per charge & there are over 60 temperature settings.
PAX 3 is intuitive and user-friendly. Haptic feedback shows when vapor is ready, when the device is in standby mode & when it’s off. Proprietary lip-sensing technology signals device heat up/cool down & a full-color LED interface shows temperature, battery life & more. An advanced accelerometer ensures energy & material saving.
The device is Bluetooth® enabled, letting consumers connect to the new PAX Vapor app. Users can customize flavor & vapor volume by setting temperatures down to a single degree. They can also customize LED color themes, access interactive games & lock their device. The PAX Vapor app provides over-the-air firmware updates to make PAX 3 smarter over time.
High-quality materials like an anodized aluminum shell further elegance & increase durability of the device

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