A Treasury of Memorable Memories.
A Museum for Masterpieces.
Pictures freeze memorable moments in time and allow us to relieve them again and again. It is also a kind of modern art for collection and decoration. In this connected world, we keep our memories or masterpieces in digital images on smartphone or computer, which limited us to view pictures from a small digital display and only looking at a fraction of latest photos, keeping the majority of them being forgotten in the devices.

GOXD Memto™ Live Picture Frame provides a new stunning way to view pictures.
Memto™ displays photos in 4K UHD and with optional glasses-free 3D effect. It supports Live Photo and cinemagraphs able to show brief action in spellbinding scenes by sensing user movement. Comes with a MemtoWORLD application which incorporates an online gallery, allowing users to download worldwide masterpieces to show on their Memto™. The application also provides real-time 2D-to-3D conversion, 4K upscaling and other photo editing features turning your ordinary pictures into an enthralling depth perception.

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