The world’s first smart, modular, wirelessly-charged home entertainment system, take your smart home anywhere with Ensembl™ by Ashley Chloe. A projector, sound system, smart light, 360-degree camera and powerful charger, Ensembl™ expands to fit your life, both inside and in the great outdoors.

Features and modules include:
True wireless charging base powered by Qi technology.
Bluetooth 5.0 for the latest in true wireless connectivity.
High-quality speaker modules containing a full range 4-inch driver and passive radiator system for HD omni sound.
Powerful 2100mAh lithium polymer battery modules for up to 10 hours of use. Stack multiple battery modules for increased battery life.
Modular projector with DLP technology to produce stunning 200 Lumens 1080p video for streaming movies from popular services like Netflix or Hulu.
Smart LED light module with limitless color options to match your mood. Control color, dimming and lantern features through the app.
360-degree camera module with 4K video resolution, 16 megapixel photos and microSDHC card slot for up to 64GB compatibility.
Genuine rawhide leather handle for portable entertainment.

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