Changba Bluetooth speaker microphone combine Bluetooth speaker with microphone creatively, which resolve the problem that microphone and speaker is self-existent when user go to Karaoke.

This is a kind of entreating microphone for any age user, no matter for fun, or practice singing. Changba Bluetooth speaker microphone makes you singing experience out of the ordinary.

The appearance of this microphone is popular with any age user, it looks like a gentleman with a fedora hat. In general, radio rediffusion network of microphone is designed to a fedora hat, indicator light is designed to bow tie and the garment button is designed to adjust button. It possesses cute and unique appearance, but also has pleasant tactility.

It has multiple karaoke functions, also achieves recording and playing audio in same button which possesses high availability and convenience.

Changba Bluetooth Speaker Microphone brings people unforgettable time. Unique product appearance and high integration level of electric structure and acoustic design make this kind of microphone popular.

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