Project Background:
XGIMI CC is a portable products combining mini projector and Bluetooth speaker.
XGIMI CC is a stylish audio-visual product tailored to the needs of using multiple scenes for young people. It is equipped with a compact DLP 720p machine, and a built-in 20000mAh rechargeable battery that supports the long-term mobile using. The sound part is embedded the 40mm dual speaker unit, we also add bass passive diaphragm, thus CC can give users a better listening experience with the stunning stereo sound.Cc brings a new experience of watching and listening.
Design Introduction:
In order to achieve the portable experience of movies and music, XGIMI CC changes traditional buttons to a cloth slider in front of the main body, which enables switching the two functions, bluetooth speaker and projector.Slide off, the whole product has more sense of a integrated speaker . Slide on, CC becomes a mini projector. Moreover, the leather strip and the built-in rechargeable battery, that truly enables users to watch movies and to listen to music anywhere.

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