Mi Laser Home Cinema is the world’s first ultra-short throw projector featuring advanced laser phosphor display (ALPD). It creates a cinematic viewing experience with up to 150″ diagonal in Full HD picture quality and brighter colors, enough to take plenty of viewer’s eyes, from only 50cm away. Utilizing a set of built-in speakers, the system supports Dolby Digital and DTS, creating an improved sound effect.
With the diffuse reflection imaging and non-direct light source, the eyesight protection is well considered and addressed with. Sensors on both sides detect human body in high-light range and auto reduce brightness to protect bare eyes from laser light if users happen to lean over.
The set comes with a Bluetooth remote control, allows users to control the host from any corner of the room. Its smart voice assistant helps to accurately and quickly locate an intended program.
It fits into any interior thanks to the minimalism design and effort on softening the styling sense of equipment. And with the benefit of short focal length, users will not have to face the hassles of making installment on the ceiling or looking for a proper spot far from the wall.

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