CINEAPPO Laser digital cinema Projector C60 is a phosphor power digital projector with the highest brightness of 55000lm. Its inner integrated water cooling system consists of two parts, the projector on the top and cooling system down there, which can be disassembled when being transported. Compared with traditional projector, C60 not only has the capability of fast cooling, dust prevention and display angle adjustment, but also is a systematical product as well. The “capsule” housing with dust prevention and dehumidification function is designed to address the common problem of environmental disturbance in Chinese cinemas so as to reduce its harm on machine life. The ALPD 3.0 laser projecting technology, with its built-in CINEAPPO core patented tech, and the 4K digital projecting system meet the DCI international criterion of light output color gamut, reaching a contrast of more than 2500:1. It service life lasts up to 30,000 hours at ambient temperature of 30. Two materials have been used in appearance design and the housing can also be used as maintenance door for hoisting and maintaining. Lights have been added on the bottom on the back side for easy operation in the dark.

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