The appearance of DIDO X9 speaker is adopted imported toughened glass, acrylic mirror, aluminum alloy, gum, rubber, electroplating process and plasma painting technology, the panel is adopted the mobile phone screen technology, full touch control, smart display, and beautiful LCD screen, which shows time, power, date and alarm. In the rear of the speaker is configured to suppress wind noise, crisp sound quality bass boost diaphragm unit, „passive diaphragm“ effectively enhance the vibration effect of passive diaphragm. X9 is equipped with 4000 mAh ultra lithium polymer batteries, 5 hours fully charged in exchange for more than 20 hours of play and life, so that music such as „resound for a long time“ to meet the listening experience. This speaker has stereo sound, strong bass shock, sweet alto, loud and clear treble, full penetration, HIFI sound, so clear and full. The smart clock of the speaker can switch to a 12/24 hour system, while the smart clock shutdown or no power calculation time to continue running, the time without re tuning, and it also has the radio and two-way reception function. Our team has also developed a dual alarm clock design, wake you up every day with music.

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