The VOODOO speaker is a mix between design, technology, and ecological responsibility. It is a portable loud and high-quality Bluetooth speaker designed for outdoor use without constraint.
PEOPEO worked 2 years in the development of a new technology combining power, quality and lightness: the Green Vibration Technology. This technology involves 3 innovations: usage, technological and ecological. PEOPEO brings lightness without impacting quality (only 6kg) by using new high-performance and adapted materials such as flax fiber composite. The VOODOO is also the first speaker easily transportable using an eco-friendly shell material.
This distinctive design refers to a face of a tribal’s statut. It allows the user to think of it as his adventure’s and parties companion. The speaker’s shape is both aesthetic and technical, the speaker is light and robust.
Moreover, it fits perfectly to the user’s back and guaranty all the necessary comfort.
PEOPEO want to let any user to personalize his speaker. They can choose the shell color, the wood rings and the grid.
Through these choices, we want to be an example to prove that music, design, technology and eco-responsibility can be one!

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