This sound bar built into a TV stand emphasizes the essential elements of a TV, namely ‚watching‘ and ‚listening.‘ The sound bar itself is designed to play the role of a TV stand so that the user can simply concentrate on the TV screen and the sound.
This built-in design offers a simple and tidy TV watching environment by solving the problems with previous sound bars of unorganized cables and space limitations in front of the TV. Its simple design of a refined geometric rectangular cube has a sleek shape that can match any TV. Also, its 5.1.2-channel surround sound system, to which the Dolby Atmos solution has been applied, offers a better sound than what users have experienced. The ‘SK10Y’ sound bar, with its refined and sophisticated design, is the most optimal built-in installation scene that offers the highest quality experience of sound.
TV stand built-in type models- LG Electronics OLED TV C8 and B8, Super UHD TV SK95/SK85
TV matching general type models- All models of LG Electronics and competitors

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