Radiooo is a sub-brand owned by MAO KING radio. Its design concept is countercurrent. The product is equipped with a standardized kernel, and users can choose a variety of accessories and functional accessories to create their own personalized products through independent disassembly and assembly.
By Radiooo, users not only can listen to the traditional analog signal radio, can also be intelligent device to play music via bluetooth wireless connection, more can be done by a dedicated WIFI extension module to listen to digital radio with mass customization exclusive content.
In recent years, a small number of people have begun to reflect on the fast food life, and re-embrace the complicated and cherished things. Therefore, this shell selects the classic camera as the IP theme. It is designed by extracting film era of various kinds of camera body shape, material and manufacturing process of classical elements, combined with the radio’s unique function layout, shape back into full of sense of nostalgic flavor and heavy quality audio products. Combined with the functionality and content of its kernel, whether listening or furnishing, it brings a unique experience to users.

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