BIU MAX is an AI home terminal.Through voice recognition, it controls the functions of household appliances, calendar reminders, phonetic memorandum,clocks, music,audio noveland many other functions.Unlike other products that could only controls smart household appliances, Biu MAX is an electric device with an infrared transmitter on top that controls everything from a conventional remote control. When it comes to design,Biu MAX is composed of three parts;the top of which adopts the process of double injection molding, which not only ensures that functional requirements of infrared emission and touch,but satisfies with the design requirements of simplicity and smoothness. The upper of the mute button with micro switch plus respiratory light effect, when be needed in quiet situation; the volume is adjusted by the touch buttons on both sides.The lower part is the speaker and the wake-up indicator, respectively used for voice communication and wake-up feedback.The bottom adopts the magnetic suction charging technology, which solves the battery life problem caused by the repeated insertion and unplugging of the interface,simple and full of sense of science and technology.

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