The most notable design characteristic of PK Series is the X-Grip Frame design of a durable concept. X-Grip Frame surrounding the speaker’s body emphasizes mobility, so it is easy to be carried around. Users can enjoy the same indoor party experiences focused on outdoor more dynamically. In addition, it adopts IPX7/8 (PK3) to allow more freedom and more convenience in outdoor scenes. (PK7,PK5:IPX 4/5) The animation lighting in the front visualizes sound to satisfy consumers‘ desires with a variety of patterns of bit lighting, party lighting and mood lighting.
As a sound solution, a total of six speakers including two twitters that produce clear high sounds, two 2.5-inch woofer units that amplify mid and bass sounds, and the dual passive radiators on both sides that produce strong bass sounds will offer the user sounds with the highest quality. Also, the classiness of sounds have been heightened by sound tunings done, for the first time as a wireless speaker, by MERIDIAN, a high-end audio producer in England, to carry the balance between powerful mid and bass sound and clear sound to the highest level.

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