This elegant device integrates TV box,video chat,speaker and voice assistant .Based on humanized operation system and outstanding performance,It offers abundant film and television resources, fluent video calls, excellent sound quality and refined voice interaction .It matches and extends your TV set.
The organic rectangular block is reduced to its most minimal outer shape: soft curved box that efficiently packages the technology inside and keep the audio cavity size to a maximum.While in voice interaction,the ring indicator below the touch panel gives accurate feedback by various light effects.As a complement to voice interaction,the floating touch panel on the top provides sensitive touch reaction.Through the wide – angle lens above, we can have a pleasant video chat.
Split in two parts by golden ratio,it speaks a compact and delicate design language that leaves a friendly impression and fits into modern home environment.With latest manufacturing technologies,the lower body is beautifully wrapped in seamless light gray fabric contrasting to the white matte upper casing.This fine design approach is representing physically and functionally the ideas in which the brand lives.

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