MiAI Speaker Mini is a artificial intelligence speaker, which is 24-hour online and easy to wake up by voice. And there is rich high-quality Internet audio content in it. Moreover, the artificial intelligence speaker also control other smart devices. Its saponaceous and minimalistic appearance can be fully integrated with the home environment. During the conversation with users, the hidden breathing light on the speaker’s top change to different conditions to give users better experience. Relying on the biggest intelligent hardware platform – Xiaomi intelligent hardware IoT – MiAI Speaker Mini can control over 50 smart home facilities including robot sweeper, air purifier and table lamp, etc. Meanwhile, it has been accessed to 4 kinds of Internet audio content – music, radio, news and information, which can meet users’ audio requirements at home to a great extent. The more important point is the price of less than €20 provide people with a cost-effective choice and enable users to get more than one facilities at different rooms of their home to realize linked operation easily.

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