The freedom to enjoy and share quality audio spontaneously is a flavor of life that everyone should have the chance to taste. The JBL Flip 3 is the embodiment of this philosophy: blending lifestyle materials with technical prowess. Flip 3 features a gorgeous lifestyle fabric exterior as opposed to a cold, hard metallic grill. By juxtaposing the serene lifestyle fabric against the dynamic metallic passive radiators, the Flip 3 creates an eye-catching contrast; the fabric is splashproof and acoustically transparent, allowing user to enjoy their speaker anywhere. The immaculate design of the Flip 3 is completed with a single metallic JBL logo, representing the attention to sound quality inherent in all JBL speakers. Flip 3 is powered by two 1.5” drivers, supported by two visible passive radiators, creating pristine audio quality – all protected by a durable double injection housing. Flip 3 also features JBL Connect, allowing users to amplify their listening experience by daisy chaining up to 4 JBL portables together. With so much functionality integrated into such charismatic design, anyone can begin to experience the flavors of life.

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