Two-way loudspeaker in Passion line has truly expressive and befitting name Orca.Orca is elegant in black-white or red-black version,yet her ferocious beauty is not for everyone.This precise and complex manufacturing technology elevates Orca beyond typical loudspeaker production and it allows removing voluminous internal bracing thus allowing a slender dimensions.To achieve perfection a BDS active resonance correction was also applied.Resulting enclosure is incredibly rigid and resonance free and delivers an astonishing performance.High End drivers were carefully selected to achieve an optimum performance.Directly from top of the line Illuminator Woofer a six-inch with 3D aluminum cone was selected to fulfill mid-bass duties.Cast frame and neodymium magnet ensures extremely linear and long motion of the cone.A visually splendid ring radiator tweeter was selected to compliment this exceptional mid-bass.The tweeter also matches the mid-bass with its technical proves and features ring neodymium magnet,patented symmetrical drive,patented phase plug and sound transparent protective grille.Speakers are set on a stand by using magnets.Orca sound is astonishingly powerful and voluminous.

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