MyAudioSession is an innovative wireless headphone created to provide an enhanced audio experience through an in-app hearing test. In contrast with normal music equalizers, MyAudioSession’s hearing calibration system is designed to evaluate an individual’s unique hearing and apply a custom-tailored personal profile for their ears.

Users can easily familiarize themselves with the headphone through the manual and comprehensive in-app video guide. The soft headband pad and memory foam ear cushions provide long-lasting comfort, and the foldable headband allows for travel and compact storage. The flat earcups are built to synergize with wireless charging platforms for a wire-free experience. Both the rugged leather exterior and the robust steel hinges have undergone extensive QA testing for greater durability.

The ability to cater to, and enrich, a user’s sense of hearing can offer them a sense of personal attachment, and sharing audio profiles is a novel use outside of the headphone’s practical purposes.

Combined with smart pairing, wireless charging, high definition audio, and up to 30 hours playtime, this headphone-and-app duo offers a complete, wireless audio experience.

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