This is a new concept of bluetooth earphone. Different from the traditional in-ear headphones, in addition to meet customer’s demand of the sound quality, we solve more communication and security problems for them. Through our unique design of u-shaped soft design, we put forward the innovative way of griping ear type. Customers could enjoy the wonderful music without earphones plugged into their ear canals, and receive other voices clearly at the same time. Customers don’t need to remove the earphone for communication during work or study. It also work for driving or outdoor sports for receiving the dangerous sound signal , to avoid unnecessary damage or embarrassing situations.
The headset is concise design makes every effort to do the utmost concept. The Wearing process is just like wearing jewelry with sense of ceremony. Through the earphone magnet clasp cables together just like wearing necklace , and the earphones grip the ears will just look like wearing earrings.

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