Using Good Design to Protect Kids
With increased use of electronics, hearing loss is now the third most common health problem in the United States. It’s clear, loud noises affect our children and their developing hearing. To protect little ears, ONANOFF designed the BuddyPhones WAVE to be the toughest and safest sound solution for kids.

The WAVE is the world’s first wireless and waterproof volume-limiting kids headphones designed with kid-safe materials, kid-proof durability and kid-friendly features, like the BuddyCable system that lets up to four headphones share one device. Unlike all other kids headphones, the WAVE offers four different listening modes suitable for any situation. This encourages responsible parents to identify their child’s listening needs and set the volume accordingly. The WAVE is the first to introduce StudyMode, a setting that optimizes vocal clarity and enhances speech to help kids stay focused when listening to lessons or learning languages.

The BuddyPhones WAVE by ONANOFF is more than just a well-designed set of headphones- it’s a teaching tool for kids to develop safe listening habits and a truly innovating how we introduce technology to chidren.

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