The BTH070 Bluetooth stereo headsets are characterized by necklace design for female. It is born for fashion and technology. Silicone material and 27g super lightweight, provides anti-allergic and comfortable wearing for a whole day. Magnet button and adjustable neckband design for convenient wearing. The wearer can adjust the neckband according to their demand and dress style. As a necklace, the headset adopts electroplating technology makes the surface looks like more elegant. As a headset, it adopts Aptx technology to improve the sound performance. NFC chip for quickly paired. Built-in microphone and three buttons for listen music and answer call. Vibration function to remind the wearer receives any important call. The BTH070 is not only a Bluetooth stereo headset for freely switch between music and call, it is also a necklace to change your life style.

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