The BE Free5 are true wireless audiophile quality in-ear earbuds that are cable-free for complete unrestricted movement and comfort. Inspired by pebble shaped stones found in nature, the earbuds are designed without any sharp-edges, allowing for smooth and stylish design with a housing that sheds the bulk and presented in a compact form factor. A range of ergonomically sized ear tips allow the earbuds to sit firmly and comfortably in the user’s ears. The BE Free5 automatically turns on, and instantly pairs with your connected devices when removed from the case. When finished, users can easily stow the earbuds away in the energy-efficient magnetic charging case which will automatically turn off your earbuds and start recharging them up to three times for non-stop on-the-go listening. The durable build quality and convenience of BE Free5 is truly designed for the user in mind, making them suitable for any workout at the gym or the daily commute.

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