Royole-X is a novel smart mobile theater device with following innovations. 1. It features the world’s first foldable video/audio design that bridges portability, fashion and optimal ergonomics, letting users enjoy long-time video watching anytime and anywhere without discomfort. Royole-X is leading the industry in the adoption of such design concept, which could profoundly influence on any video/audio headsets on the market. 2. It utilizes the world’s highest resolution displays, with a pixel density of 3300 ppi, 10 times higher than mainstream smartphone displays. Users can watch movies and play games with the crispest, highest resolution images, enlarged in a cinematic format. 3. Its active-noise-cancelling headphones rejects external disturbance, creating an immersive experience. 4. Royole elaborately designed Royole-X OS, a powerful operating system for mobile theater applications. Combined with innovative touch wheel control, user interaction is made fresh, fun, yet intuitive. 5. The support of various sources, including HDMI, wireless casting, internal storage etc, opens access to any contents, makes Royole-X not just about technology, but also truly built around users.

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