The ROSE RS-301 is the most innovative and convenient system designed for music enjoyment on an Android system and a 5-inch touch display. It supports almost all types of playback, airplay, and chrome casts including DLNA based wired and wireless network systems, Bluetooth A2DP Sink, Internet radio, Aux, Optical, USB and Micro SD. Capable of playing amazing high-resolution audio formats (MQS, DSD) through four speaker units and a hybrid amplifier (analog + digital). the RS-301 features a smooth volume knob of 99 levels control, and an original ROSE design with a unique and sleek aluminum finish.

Originality of the ROSE design focuses on the beauty of raw material and its mass, while various aluminum processing methods are applied to the product to create fine, luxurious finishes. Installed on a 5-inch touch screen running on the Android system, It holds an advantage over existing audio players by having the most function-specific working components. For an aesthetic connection to the speaker hole, the look of a whole, connected front design was achieved through fixed and precise perforation of 1.6 mm

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