Full of curves and soft mesh, so that it is more in line with the environment at home. The advanced audio technology into the wonderful projector, the resolution increased to 1080P Full HD, the brightness of up to 1200 ANSI lumens, equipped with 4D automatic trapezoidal correction technology to achieve more convenient side projection, the use of dynamic focus adjustment to capture „Thermal defocus“ Support virtual touch operation. Make PIQS F1 a Home Theater-Class Product.
4D Auto Keystone: PIQS F1 equipped with PIQS technology developed 4D automatic trapezoidal correction technology, either front projection or side projection, without cumbersome manual adjustment, just 3 seconds will automatically get a 16: 9 Founder screen.
Dynamic focus adjustment: PIQS F1 adopts „Dynamic Focus Adjustment“ technology to monitor the projection screen dynamically in the whole process and trigger the intelligent dynamic focus compensation in time to solve the problem of the virtual focus and blur of the projector caused by „thermal defocusing „.
Long-distance touch screen control: From key-press to Long-distance touch screen control, PIQS pioneered the history of smart touch projection.

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